Bank Details

BANK : South Indian Bank
HOLDER NAME : Santhibhavan Sarvodaya Panguveckal
ACCOUNT NUMBER : 0001053000007694
BRANCH : Alappuzha

About us

SANTHI BHAVAN SARVODAYA PANGUVECKAL CHARITABLE TRUST‘ has been rendering yeoman service to the members of the society by accommodating in our Asramam mostly mentally and physically handicapped men, women and children who have been rejected by their family hailing from different parts of INDIA.
Santhi Bhavan was established on 15th February 1997 by Mathew Albin. This Bhavan has to tell the story of a criminal turned confessed, who had been behind the bars for a long period of 11 years following his atrocity and murder of victims in his notorious style of life in the past. In this home of continence which started from nothingness to the present stage, provides food and shelter to a host of destitutes.

They consist of those mentally retarded, disabled and of allied aliments, who have been abandoned by their relatives. The inmates comprise of men, women and children. Mathew Albin, prompted by the call of God, came out of his past life stained with sins to the golden path of love and affection. He dearly prayed to God to pardon his past deeds of sins. God pardoned him hearing his sincere prayer. He knew that service to humanity is on par with that of God. He stepped into the world of the poor, the drown trodden and the tortured. He took with him those who had been found lying virtually dead on the streets profoundly bleeding and gave them proper treatment and care. He cleaned their wounds, applied medicines, fed them and nursed them carefully. To provide those destitudes, with the niceties of life, he stretched his hands to the world of philanthropists for their unstinted co-operation and benevolence. He chanted the hymns of peace for the sake of the poor inmates. They really felt the divine touch of the Almighty. They had soothing relief to their ailments. Their minds were filled with ease and peace. See also

Reg.No:A 200/97 (Registered under the Travancore,Cochin Literary-Scientific an Charitable Societies Act No.12 of 1955 dated 09.04.1997)

Recognised by Board of Control for Orphanages and other Charitable Homes,Kerala.Certificate No:1114

Registerd under U/S.12A (a) of the Income Tax Act 1961, W.E.F.from 05.02.1997 by The DD of Income Tax (Exemption), Trivandrum,Certificate No.301/DDIT(E)/ALP/2000-01 dated 16th February 2001.

NITI Ayog Unique ID : KL/2017/0176027

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